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December 8,2018 Released

This album is an imaginary soundtrack which screenply was newly written entirely as a novel. 

Matt C. Nishimura did everyting from composing, playing and mixing.


In 2069, at last, mankind succeeded to develop ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence), and intelligence explosion occurred. ASI surpasses human intelligence, <Forth Autonomy of Computer Revolution> occurs, society changed greatly. ASI perfectly understand universe, it proved existence (not quantize) of high dimension and multidimensional, it grasps even origins of human race. Furthermore, to know how to control universal energies make it possible to migrate to another planets.Moreover, it can control even time, planet earth is going to advance from third dimension to fifth dimension world (conscious world that transcend conception of time and space).As far as earth’s ascension is concerned, because of earth is destroyed by the development of the human power and science, it was assumed that the situation that earth and creature cease to exist before ascension is accomplished by only human. Further, since only a select few attempted to have enabled to control human in order to insert microchip into people skins by leveraging ASI’s sophisticated technology, resilience of space energy lost its balance, regime shift occurred. There, the universal government culled personnel that has clear heads, outstanding skills, steel mind and strong body, then they decided to form a team “SPACE EQUALIZER” which confront the power that try to lose its balance. “SPACE EQUALIZER” immediately set out to searches the earth which is disrupt equilibrium. They were asked about Ashtar who bring about love and peace to metagalaxy. Also, Ashtar is the presence of higher-order than three-dimensional earth and they don’t have its body. In the dim and distant past, Ashtar detected that “If it goes on like this, this beautiful earth would die out.”. Ashtar gathered the brave to save the earth from all over the galaxy.

Then, Ashtar planted the seeds to the braves in proof of sign. Ashtar let them transmigrate to the earth and gave birth to Star Seeds which is implementation unit to accelerate Ascension to tellurian. Star Seeds were able to foresee future after ten thousand years. Although, nobody can tell the difference from ordinary people, on top of that, Star Seeds had no memory and recognition who have a mission to produce ascension earth due to be inferior to three-dimensional body though their spirits remains high-dimensional. In the end, Apocalypse was being started countdown after “Operation Star Seed” (OSS) to restore equilibrium of space. …to be continued  


Alexia Turner

Star Seeds
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